10 entrepreneur resources for doing business with and in Australia (PDF download guides)

What an entrepreneur thinks about Australia? What is the potential that a small scale or even an established business can forecast while doing business in or with Australia. Doing a business in another country is never easy, but it is never impossible either. The spirit of entrepreneurship thrives on this very foundation.

However, it is always helpful to have some mentoring or guidance to get to know about the favorable conditions of that country’s business environment, market scenarios and potential, and roadblocks to the entry of foreign players.

Lots of material is available online if the entrepreneurs want to search for some valuable guidance in the form of PDF guides. We present ten such PDF guides that are helpful in starting a business with or in Australia.

A very detailed document containing 45 pages. The guide provides information regarding government policies, incentives and how to set up business in Australia.

A 44 page guide provides introduction to demographics, opportunities, and government related issues. Employment laws and social security systems are also detailed. A very precise and knowledgeable document.

Another very useful document consisting 38 pages providing information regarding import/export controls, financial matters, and government policy of foreign investment in Australia.

A 33 pages document contain information regarding regulations, business environment and incentives for businesses. Makes a good read for entrepreneurs.

As clear from the name itself, the guide provides complete information regarding the legal aspects related to doing business in Australia. The document contains 78 pages and is very well structured.

The document provides conformity assessment of doing business in Australia and New Zealand. A detailed guide consisting 95 pages provides relevant information.

The document contains relevant and updated information regarding doing business in Australia. The guide has 80 pages detailing how to start a business, dealing with construction regulations, registration processes, credits, permits and labor laws, etc. A must read for entrepreneurs.

A 61 pages document provides relevant information regarding employment and industry relations, electronic commerce, tax issues, fund raising laws, overtake laws, etc.

A how-to-guide providing very relevant information regarding building a brand and profile, customer focus, regulation requirements, business set-up costs, opening Australian bank account, etc. This 35 pages guide is very precise and helpful.

This 41 pages guide provides relevant and unique information regarding how to deal in securities, foreign investment, business structure, patents, intellectual rights, workplace culture and migration, etc. A very handy guide for entrepreneurs.

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