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Atul Magoon

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Atul Magoon is the founder and chief facilitator of DreamInfinity Training Company. Atul holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi. He worked as a learning and development professional with Deloitte. Prior to that, he worked as strategy and operation consultant with Deloitte. Atul conducts personal development workshops on various topics such as 5 Steps to Extra-ordinary, Negotiation skills, Building personal brand, Effective writing and Speed reading at corporate houses and reputed educational institutes.

Atul has written an inspirational book which will be published by Penguin (March, 2011). His experience varies from achieving merit in Mathematics Olympiad to life threatening adventure sports, from writing a research paper in an international journal to contributing articles to human resource magazine. He is one of the board members of an NGO (Converge Foundation), which focuses on spreading education in the rural India.

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We had an email interview with Atul.

Q1. Tell us something about DreamInfinity. How you thought of starting it?

DreamInfinity provides leadership and personal development trainings to corporate houses and educational institutes. It came into existence after my first hand experience of working in teams. While it was inspiring to work with a few, it was frustrating experience to work with many. I thought life will be much better if we emulate people we admire. I started experimenting with myself and witnessed a huge positive change. I became happier, healthier and somewhat richer. I thought of sharing the same practices with others.

Q2. What is the need of behavioral skills in India? Do you think that it has been there in the foreign countries but India lacked it and needs it?

50% of success in any business or relationship lies in behaviour and rest is out of control. I wanted to play with what we can control. In India, we are realizing that we need to improve our professionalism and behavioural skills. It will take time to reach the level of developed countries.

Q3. Who are your customers or targeted audience?

Trainings programs are focused towards catering to the needs of corporates and educational institutes. At times, I conduct independent workshop for entrepreneurs. I write for people who committed to growth and getting the juice out of life.

Q4. What is your business strategy?

I want to make profit by doing good work. I charge for helping people to achieve their goals. My clients are mostly corporate houses.

Q5. This seems to be a unique concept. Do you feel there is space for competition in it?

The concept is quite old, it has recently caught fire in India. Competition is already intense but there is definitely space for quality and creativity.

Q6. What you feel is the value of innovation in your business?

Innovation is the key. You need to tell the concepts in unique way so that people can understand and remember those concepts. Most of my programs such as art of story-telling, speed reading, risk taking etc. are new offerings to the Indian market place.

Q7. What is the scope of expansion and what is your vision about it?

The idea is simple, once participant gets out of the sessions he should say ‘Wow, that was useful’. I am planning to create a market for high-quality programs. I have partnered with leading trainers and have created unique offerings.

Q8. Tell us how it helps to be a writer and then move into the domain of inspirational speaking and training?

Writing is an avenue for expressing your mind, heart and soul. I like to think, then push my thinking further and then express it through words. The whole process is liberating. Moreover, if I am writing then why not write something useful for the readers. I remember once I got an email from my reader who mentioned that I have given him a new hope in life. These experiences make me happy.

Q9. Being an engineer, do you miss the usual job type occupations? How do you compare being an entrepreneur than to being an employee?

When I am in trouble, I miss my bosses. 😉 Entrepreneurship is all about freedom, executing your own vision, taking important decision and being responsible for your own fate. I don’t know anyone who would not like to be in that place. But as the cliche goes, freedom brings responsibility. It takes belief and hard work. In return, you get satisfaction.

Q10. Any advice for future entrepreneurs from your personal and professional experience.

Taking the first step is the most difficult part for an entrepreneur. Keep a safety net for six months and enjoy the ride. Entrepreneurship is definitely an experience of lifetime. Have courage and have fun.

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