Managing Cloud Environments with Landscape in Ubuntu

Cloud environments management for multiple machines using Ubuntu is an additional task that organizations like to consider before they opt for this Linux distro. However, with Landscape, this task becomes very simple and easy to work on. You can start, stop, manage and monitor Ubuntu instances on the Amazon EC2 cloud environment from within Landscape.

Systems monitoring through Landscape

Monitoring of machines using Ubuntu is done through an agent that is installed on each individual machine. This agent communicates with Landscape and provides details about machine metrics. This data is safe and secure and can be accessed by administrators and they can easily analyse the performance of machines. One of the best features of Landscape includes a graphical module. This module provides plots of temperature, disk and memory usage, system load and you can have some extra custom metrics. To top it all, Landscape provides alerts for patches and packages that might be required for updating the machines.

Some features of Landscape:

1.The constant and continuous monitoring of your systems allow you to analyse them quickly and better.
2.It allows you to customize the display of parameters that you want to monitor.
3.If you know writing scripts, Landscape allows you to view graphical representations of system parameters.
4.Landscape provides information about the systems right at the time of signing-in and you don’t have to manually check it at each sign-in.
5.A single and simple Web interface allows you to manage the whole system easily.
6.Landscape provides information about hardware inventory helping you to maintain it properly.
7.Landscape makes it easier for auditing by providing detailed history logs that display actions performed by all administrators.

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