Sanskrit Poem Translated from an English Poem

Sanskrit poetry is full of texture, technical beauty, grandeur and every element that a human mind can explore. Being illiterate in this beautiful language, it is impossible for me to write any verses; however, I was blessed when one of my Facebook Friend, Varalakshmi Kandregula, translated one of the poems that I wrote in Sanskrit and posted it as a status update.

I felt so happy and satisfied after reading the translated version. I thought of sharing it with my website’s readers too. I am also providing the audio version of this translation which I recorded over my phone.

If you have any Sanskrit poem you would like to share, please feel to write through the comment section. Also, let me know how you liked it.

The Poem


“The day you decide to bless me, my Lord,
Flood me with your love
And leave nothing of ‘me’ and ‘mine’.
Till then, let me sift through my sins
And measure my shortcomings at length.
But once you feel like forgiving,
Just don’t hold back.”

Sanskrit Translation of the Poem


यस्मिन्नहनि माम् आशिषा अनुग्रहीतुकामोऽसि अयि लोकनाथ।

त्वद्वात्सल्यरससिक्तं विधेहि

मां मामकञ्च किञ्चन अविहाय।

तावत् प्रक्षालयामि मामकानि पापकृत्यानि

गणयानि च मदीयानि छिद्राणि।

परं यदा तितिक्षुरसि

मा विरम कदाचन।


Audio Version



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