Five Interesting Sanskrit Sentences With Meanings

Given the huge success that we experienced with our earlier installments of Sanskrit sentences and the English translation, we are back with another compilation of these sentences.

The basic concept about these sentences is to provide a better understanding of Sanskrit language and grammar usage of various Sanskrit words. We hope that our readers are benefitted in their Sanskrit language practice with these sentences.

We will be very happy to have some comments and feedback about these compilations which you can leave through the comment section.

Sanskrit Sentences With Meanings

  1. परोपकारिणः अनपेक्षितरूपेण फलोपभोगिनः।। (Do good to others. It will come back in unexpected ways.)
  2. दूरमात्रं नहि बन्धच्छित्।। सान्निध्यमात्रं नैव बन्धयुक्।। सप्रणयलालनं हि बन्धभृत्।। (Distance alone can’t kill a relationship. Closeness alone can’t build a relationship. Loving and caring together build and maintain relationships.)
  3. अतिवाहय वासरं त्वम्।। अथवा वासरो वाहयति त्वाम्।। (Either you run the day or the day runs you.)
  4. प्रत्युपकारप्राप्त्यभावेऽपि भव परोपकारी।। (Help others even if you know they won’t help you back.)
  5. तौ हस्तौ सदा पवित्रौ यौ प्रार्थानायाः अपेक्षया सेवायाः तत्परौ।। (Those hands are always holier that are ready to help rather than pray.) In Sanskrit, this sentence considers ‘two hands’ while translating the plural ‘hands’.

All the translation is compiled from the works of  Varalakshmi Kandregula

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