Sanskrit Names of Modern Day Daily Items

Any reader or user, who is interested in learning Sanskrit language or already have some primary knowledge, love to know the Sanskrit names of daily items users by everybody in the modern context. Some of these items are hard to find in Sanskrit literature, and therefore the Sanskrit names of such items are hardly available even on the internet. But some Sanskrit scholars are trying to provide the names of such items through their understanding of the language.

In this post, we bring the Sanskrit names for such items used daily and encountered in the modern context. For the understanding of our readers who don’t read Devanagari script, we are providing the transliteration according to IAST standards for all the Sanskrit names of the list.

If you would like to add some names to this list or would like to provide your feedback, do write using the comment section.

English Sanskrit  Transliteration
Factory यन्त्रगारम् Yantragāram
Bank Account वित्तकोशः Vittakośaḥ
Cap शिरस्त्रम् Śirastram
Broom सम्मार्जनी Sammārjanī
Injection सूच्यौषधम् Sūcyauṣadham
Private Company स्वायत्तसंस्था Svāyattasaṁsthā
Coat प्रावारकम् Prāvārakam
Soap फेनकम् Phenakam
Post Office पत्रालयः Patrālayaḥ
Pickle अवलेहः Avalehaḥ
Trousers ऊरुकम् Ūrukam
Loud Speaker ध्वनिवर्धकम् Dhvanivardhakam
Bicycle द्विचक्रिका Dvicakrikā
Tri-cycle (Auto Rickshaw) त्रिचक्रिका Tricakrikā


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