Inspirational Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

Continuing our series of bringing some Sanskrit sentences with their English meanings, we present the next set. We try to select positive and inspirational Sanskrit sentences so that users could find it useful and practical for their daily use.

The main reason behind providing these sentences is to get the users accustomed with the variations and different contexts in which the Sanskrit words could be used. We hope that through this series, our readers are able to refine their language skills.


Inspirational Sanskrit Sentences with English Translation

  1. लोको भणति यत् भज सज्जनसाङ्गत्यम्। त्यज दुर्जनसंसर्गम्।। परं भणितिस्स्यादित्थम् गुणग्राहिणः भवेम। दोषत्यागिनः स्याम। सकलगुणसम्पन्नः मृग्यः।। (People say: “Find good people and leave the bad ones.” But it should be: “Find good in people and ignore the bad in them.” No one is perfect.)
  2. नरः तावत्पर्यन्तं धनम् अर्थयते यावत्पर्यन्तं निधनं न याति।। (Man chases money till he dies.)
  3. शौर्यभावेन परिणमतु परितापः।। (Turn the pain into power.)
  4. प्रायेण कदध्वानः रमणीयगम्यस्थानयायिनः।। (Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.)
  5. जीवनरहस्यम्। मार्गः मितवेगवान्। वित्तकोशः नियतार्थवान्। परीक्षा सावधिका। चित्तव्यापारस्तु निरवधिकः।। अतः कुरु निःसीमचिन्तनम्। साधय सिद्धिम्।। (A secret of life: A road has the speed limit; a bank has the money limit; an examination has the time limit, but thinking has no limit. So, think big and achieve big.)

(All the translations are sourced from the works of Varalakshmi Kandregula)

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