Recent experience with customer care of 5 companies

Customer careRecently, I got different tastes of customer care, social media interaction and the reviews posted on the websites for different companies dealing with various products and services. All of them gave me different experiences and so I decided to compile them. I hope entrepreneurs and business owners will be able to learn something from these. Of course, the rule of thumb says that you should be very considerate to your customers’ needs and issues. After all, customers are the actual elements of your business!

Twitter Updates about Paytm

I had ordered a recharge on Paytm for a 3G data pack of my mobile. They showed that it went through and my credit card was also charged; however, I did not get the data credit. When I posted about this on Twitter, Paytm promptly interacted me and asked me for details. I provided them and they gave me the required solution. Though there was confusion because of the late clearance of the order that I placed with Paytm, I still got my query resolved.

For me this would be a thumbs up! customer care on behalf of Paytm.

Phone calls and social media updates about SnapDeal

I recently bought a Lenovo all-in-one-desktop from SnapDeal. They promised a delivery date for the same but it did not arrive. When I posted the query on Twitter, no reply came. When I contacted through phone, they said that they can’t do anything except ask the courier people to deliver it fast. The product got late by seven days but they did not do anything about it.

For me, this is a thumbs down! customer care on behalf of SnapDeal. Of course, a big no-no for budding entrepreneurs.

Twitter update about Flipkart

I bought a Seagate external hard disk from Flipkart. I got some problems in it. I posted the query on Twitter. Flipkart people immediately contacted me and asked me for issues. They called me on phone to try to maximize their concern over this issue. They kept email contacts too. We are still negotiating on that but they did reply to every update or query that posted.

For me, this is like double thumbs up! customer care support on behalf of Flipkart. This is where you win business!

Facebook comment on American Express’ Page

American Express Bank’s customer support is one of the best that you can have. They are very polite and go extra miles to help their clients. I recently had an issue with what they promised for reward points of their Gold Charge Card members. They kind of back tracked from what they said will be given for a certain amount of those points.

When I posted a comment on their FB page, they immediately asked me to provide my mobile number so that they can contact me.

For me, this is again thumbs up! customer care support.

A negative review on

This is not about but about an e-commerce site that sells through Junglee. The store name isĀ I ordered a Nokia Lumia 520 with them and then canceled it. They told me that my refund has been initiated but due to some technical problems, it did not come. I contacted them for 3 times and they conveyed the same message. After a month, I posted a negative review on Junglee. Another month passed and they contacted me again saying that this review may cost an employee his job and I should remove it. They felt very sorry that I had a bad experience and they are willing to do anything that can rectify it.

I would say their customer care services are good but not efficient enough. They are courteous and prompt but they are technically weak.


Overall, I feel that customer care would end up winning the game for you. If you are starting a new business, you should make sure that you score full marks in the field of after sales customer care support. Dell, Flipkart and American Express are some of the examples as how they have made a reputation for themselves.

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  1. An update on this:

    Head of India Customer Care Service of American Express called me and asked about the concern that I had. She thanked for my feedback and assured that she will personally look into this matter.

    Again, a proactive approach!


    Another example of Airtel customer care: One of the worst experience that you can have.

    However, when I posted this on their FB page, they were prompt to reply and ask for my number for resolution of my problem.

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