Business ideas around Yoga and healing

Recently, I have come across various individuals, consultants and small scale entrepreneurs who have very holistic ideas as their ventures. These ideas usually revolve around the concept of healing, meditation, yoga, and music, etc.

Across the world, people look and seek the help of consultants and experts who can provide guidance in any of these:

  • Mantra chanting and healing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga and Yogasanas
  • Healing through music

Apart from these, there are many professionals who provide services including Reiki, PLRT, Tarrot reading, aura reading, etc.

Some of these practices are very niche and the customer base is limited; however, the payment is high for such services. While some of them are quite basic techniques and appeal to a large customer base and therefore are inexpensive and can be carried out as group activities.

In India as well as in the West, the demand is there–you just need to be an expert in some of these fields and you can easily excel. The quality of your skill or expertise would ensure how much you can grow this practice into a business potential.

Some of these practices require physical presence while some are carried out online with the help of Skype software. This may sound a bit strange indeed, but the sessions carried out on Skype are quite effective and popular too.

For example, you can try this for Mantra Healing:

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