Small business ideas around musicians and artists

Last Saturday I went to the Rosewood Apartments of Mayur Vihar in Delhi. I was traveling from Gurgaon and so I took a metro, got down at Mayur Vihar Extension and walked to the place. I was going for a devotional music concert in the house where my friend John Wubbenhorst had invited me. He is a flutist.

After the lovely time that we spent doing mantra chanting and listening to his music, we sat down for a casual chat. The program was held in the house of Nirmalaya Dey, who himself is a Dhrupad singer. He sang a short piece in Sindhura Raag. I had never heard the name of this Raag before.

Anyways, we were talking about the need to promote Dhrupad and the forms of music that are losing their popularity just because there are not proper platforms to promote them. John and I were talking about Facebook ads, Google ads, having a website dedicated for this cause and so on.

What I noticed was there is an acute gap between the artists and the IT field. They don’t get right kind of people who will understand their passion of music and then incorporate the best tools that information technology can provide. I immediately sense an opportunity for small firms to come up and provide consultancy on a serious note. Though more popular forms of music do get consultancies and agencies but lesser popular genres also need the support so that they can flourish.

In fact, I noticed that John knew a lot of stuff that a normal web administrator will know. He also knew about search engine optimization! Definitely, there is an opportunity and perhaps on an entrepreneurial scale where someone would come up with a platform that can provide the right kind of combination of tools and opportunities to various artists around the world.

Listen to a little recording of that house concert here:

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