Rajnikanth jokes on cloud computing

1. When Rajnikanth uses cloud computing, it rains.

2. Once an engineer saw Rajnikanth thinking in a comic-strip.

A cloud was hovering on Rajnikanth’s head as he was thinking about a revolutionary technology in computers.

Inspired from that comic, the technology was named “cloud”.

3. Cloud computing helps lower costs.

Rajnikanth helps in eradicating costs.

4. When computer industry was scorched with costs and expenditures, they prayed to God Rajnikanth to quench their thirst.

He deigned and sent clouds of technical advancements.

Thereupon, cloud computing was born.

5. God Rajnikanth wanted to surf internet from the sky. He squatted on the clouds and started surfing.

In adoration, people hailed: “Computing from clouds!”

Later on, it came to be known as “Cloud Computing”.


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