Rajnikanth jokes on Nano cars

1. Rajnikanth has bought two Nano cars.


He wants to skate.

2. All the car manufacturers were vying with each other to know about the toy cars that Rajnikanth played with in his childhood.

Luckily, Nano car got the blueprints.

3. What’s the difference between Nano car and Rajnikanth’s car?

Nobody can buy Rajnikanth’s car for it is extremely expensive.

Anybody can buy Nano car for it is extremely economical.

4. Once Rajnikanth was sitting in his lawnmower when some automobile engineers happened to cross the street.

They liked the design and created Nano car.

5. When Rajnikanth moves out of his bathroom to his bedroom, he rides Nano car to avoid wetting the floor.

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