New Rajnikanth jokes created for you

1. Did you notice that when you surf about “Rajnikanth”, your browser runs faster and the CPU of your systems throws lesser heat?

This is no Rajnikanth joke but a fact!

2. When Rajnikanth jokes reads jokes on the internet, 10 new jokes are created automatically whenever he presses any key.

This joke was one of those.

3. When Rajnikanth types, the Word does not spell check. It automatically adds all the words typed by Rajnikanth. The Word believes that its vocabulary is limited.

4. Rajnikanth once found the Windows closed by a password. He opened it from the back-end source.

From that day, a new technology with name “open source” got developed.

5. Rajnikanth’s computer does not have a power button.

It does not need any power source other than Rajni’s name.

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