Latest Rajnikanth jokes on Java

1. Rajnikanth writes the program in byte code.

2. Rajnikanth’s every method has a public static void main(String all) method.

3. Rajnikanth never gets an excepting error. You know why!

4. Once a company came to Rajnikanth to ask for a new name for them.

Rajnikanth said: “Listen, son.”

They mistook it to be “SUN”.

5. You can’t extend a class named Rajnikanth.

No one extends Rajnikanth.

6. Rajnikanth can write the code for a method in an interface.

7. Rajnikanth never uses a semi-colon.

No one terminates what he said.

8. Hot Java needs to import rajnikanth.Rajnikanth.rajnikanth to implement any applet.

9. Rajnikanth’s thread is given max priority by default.

10. Rajnikanth’s every string has a default value “Rajni”.

(Contributed by Devansh Kalia)

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