New Rajnikanth jokes for you

1. Rajnikanth can win staring contest against two people at the same time.

2. When Rajnikanth plays guitar, he produces bangs instead of chords.

3. Rajnikanth’s shoe size is 1. Why?

Because no. 1 is not given to anybody else.

4. You can often find Rajnikanth watching music.

5. Rajnikanth does not actually plays the jazz drums.

He just imagine the tune and the sticks do the rest.

2 thoughts on “New Rajnikanth jokes for you”

  1. Tintin Reporter

    Once upon a time Bermuda Triangle used to be known as Bermuda Square. Legend says that, there was a rift between the gods and Rajnikanth, as the gods decided to stay on this earth. This decision angered Rajnikanth immensely. Later on both of them decided to battle against each other in Bermuda Square. On the day of the battle, Rajnikanth kicked one of the islands of Bermuda Square which was the army base of the gods towards the sky. Thus resulting in Bermuda Triangle. But this part of the island went up very high and got stuck between Mars and Jupiter and broke into billions of pieces, which is today known as the Asteroid Belt. The gods got scared of him and never dared to come back on earth.
    Moral: You don’t mess with Rajnikanth because Rajnikanth messes with you. Mind it!

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