Musical startups: Can you think of something?

In the past few days, I have been talking to some musicians. I consider it as a huge privilege to be among some of the finest musicians you will ever no. However, there are many things that I feel they need to do in order to promote their music. It’s like they don’t have an organized PR for their shows, concerts or for that matter social media.

This is where I see a good entrepreneurial idea.

Entrepreneurs can think of building a platform or a portal that provides helpful tools to all these artists or simply promotes their art in a suitable way. This could be done perhaps by integrating with some publishers who are in media.

I understand that there are already a lot of such platforms but there is a lot of scope if you pick up niche art that is still untouched by social promotion.

Take for example Indian classical music. There is a lot that entrepreneurs can do in this area. There are lots of artists who don’t have a clue how to publicize their art. There are lot of them who don’t know how to promote a particular gharana or genre that they are catering to.

I recently came across this artist who is into Dhrupad. However, Dhrupad is not that popular among the younger generation but it is considered as the hallowed mother of Indian music. So, this art needs to be documented properly and given more prominence in the media. There is no direct remedy for reviving the lost arts but surely something can be done. Social media could play a very helpful part in this.

I would love to see some people coming forward in this field and making it a successful business venture.

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