Business idea about recording musical and dance concerts

Well, I thought about this idea while discussing various things with a musician from USA. He was visiting India and we discussed a lot of things at length. Some of them was about starting a new website for artists where we can offer them almost everything.

While going through lots of ideas and checking various kinds of tools available online, I came across a number of artists who were so damn good but had little documentation of their work or art. If you check on Youtube, they have only 2-3 videos.

This is a bit sad.

In fact, I was trying to listen to Manose Singh’s bansuri. He hails from Nepal and plays bamboo flute. There are only 3-4 videos that I could see and listen to his music.

This struck me with an idea. Why not have a company that can professionally shoot or record videos of concerts of various arts. I know that the option is already there and lot of them do it but what about doing it professionally and in a proper way. Moreover, artists can have their own crew so that they have everything documented.

I see a huge opportunity in this and feel that with some system, this can be achieved. I would myself love to explore it if opportunity presents itself.

Share what you feel about musical and dance concerts. I would love to hear if you have any input to provide.

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