Hindi Poem on Cleanliness for Class 1

Cleanliness is considered godliness, and without doubt, children should be made aware of keeping themselves and their environment clean right from an early stage. With the increasing number of diseases that spread from polluted water, air, and the whole environment, it is our duty to make our children conscious of the miserable state of our surroundings.

In this regard, I composed this Hindi poem for children so that they could understand the value of cleanliness–I think it would be suitable for children of grade 1st though even 2nd class students could also use it.

Feel free to use it if you like it, and also if you would like to share similar stuff with other users, you can write through the comment section.

Poem on Cleanliness


पानी गन्दा करोगे तो

प्यास कैसे बुझाओगे

वायु गन्दी करोगे तो

साँस नहीं ले पाओगे

बिस्तर गन्दा करोगे तो

सोने कहाँ पे जाओगे

कक्षा गन्दी करोगे तो

कैसे पढ़ पाओगे

मन गन्दा करोगे तो

मनुष्य नहीं कहलाओगे



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