How to Say My Name Is in Sanskrit

When you meet somebody or want to introduce yourself through a letter, a text message on mobile phone, or through a letter, you let the other person know about your name. The simple English phrase used for that expression is ‘My Name Is …’. Very similarly, in the Sanskrit language, a very simple phrase can help you convey the same message. In this post, you will know how to say my name is in Sanskrit and also how to ask the name of the other person in Sanskrit.

For the understanding of readers who are not yet conversant with the Devanagari script, we are providing the IAST transliteration in the Roman script so that they could get an idea of the pronunciation of the Sanskrit words.

At the end of this phrase, you can add your name. For masculine names, the names will end with the Visarga symbol, while the feminine names could stay as it is.

Like For Vivek, it would be मम नाम विवेकः

For Lata, it would be मम नाम लता

Once you know how to say my name is in Sanskrit, you can go ahead and ask these questions from the other person to know their names.

  • Who are you (male)?–भवान् कः। (Bhavān Kaḥ)
  • Who are you (female)? भवति का। (Bhavati Kā)
  • What’s your name (male)? भवतः नाम किम्। (Bhavataḥ Nāma Kim)
  • What’s your name (female)? भवत्या नाम किम्। (Bhavatyā Nāma Kim)

11 thoughts on “How to Say My Name Is in Sanskrit”

    1. Did you mean विध्नेश्वरी–the one (Female) who is above the obstacles?–Like the male name is ascribed to Lord Ganesha?

    1. I am not sure how it is pronounced–if you can share the audio pronunciation of this name, it will be easier for me.

      Though it could be something like this: चेयूनः

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