Pete Calandra

Interview With Pete Calandra–the Gandalf of Music Composition

An artist does not simply look for the gratification of senses while creating art. Yes, that’s an integral part of the creative process, yet there is an esoteric or higher calling that every artist hears and responds to. They feel moved and operated by an unknown force that runs through their veins. This calling is […]

Interview with Arun Shenoy about his new album and career

When I was studying mechanical engineering, I used to sing a lot of Bollywood songs of bygone era. I had a good voice but didn’t get the chance to learn music properly. My friends used to appreciate me singing, and often remark that I had taken up the wrong stream and should have taken arts […]

Interview with Amit Kumar: A born singer and son of Kishore Kumar

He was born to the legendary singer, actor, musician and what not–Kishore Kumar. He had to carry the burden of enormous expectations and he did exceptionally well. Amit Kumar, like his father, did not take any formal tutelage for singing but had a knack of picking up music quite easily. In the year 1981, he […]

Interview with Niladri Kumar: Classical Sitarist and creator of Zitar

He was pretty young when he started learning and playing Sitar. His father Pt. Kartikh Kumar was a famed musician who imparted him the knowledge of music from a very young age, which ripened quickly and the whole process became immensely fruitful. Niladri Kumar went on to perform with the top-most artists of Indian classical […]

Prateek Chaudhuri

Interview with Pt. Prateek Chaudhuri: A stylish Sitar player

He says that he enjoyed normal childhood though he was loaded with expectations due to born to a legendary father. He enjoyed sports and studies both before he realized that he has to take it on his own shoulders to carry forward the tradition set by his forefathers. He studied music and took to teaching […]

Vijay Ghate

Interview with Pt. Vijay Ghate: A mesmerizing Tabla Player

He does not have a huge musical lineage from where he could claim to have earned the knack of music. He also was not born in a city where great doyens of Indian classical music were proliferating. He claims that he was just a normal child who happened to have some early-childhood inclination to rhythm. […]

Interview with Bappi Lahiri

Have you seen somebody wearing black apparels, goggles and a huge weight of jewelery and still making dance moves. Oh yes, we are talking about the one and only Bappi Da. He was born in a music family and he lived up to the demands of what people expected from him; or should we say […]

Interview with Bali Brahmbhatt: The person who introduced rap music to India

He was the one who introduced rap music to India though public forgot his name and other people took credit of the same. Known for his unique voice and style, Bali has sung many songs for famous films, yet not many people know about his silent contribution to the industry. Brought up in multi-ethnic culture […]

Interview with Shankar Mahadevan: A computer engineer turned singer

He worked in hardcore computer industry before embarking on trying his luck in music which allowed him to pair with A. R. Rahman for a Tamil movie and he ended up winning the National Award for his song ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’. He started his career in Hindi singing with his unique album “Breathless”, which was hugely […]

Interview with Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma: The wizard of Santoor

He remains dedicated to uplift the status of Santoor as an accepted instrument that can deal the dexterity of Indian classical music. As per him, he was dedicated to the command and wish of his Guru (His father Pt. Uma Dutt Sharma) and was also chosen by God as a medium to achieve this task. […]

Interview with Jaidev Kumar: The famous Punjabi music director

He was not too much into music though his father was a famous music director. But as destiny had it, he was brought back to the fold of music and he took it with delight. He learned playing guitar and worked as an assistant with great music director Charanjeet Ahuja. Then, he staged a fantastic […]

Interview with Kumar Sanu

He was forced on a gun-point (almost) to sing a song while he was there to play Tabla. Yet, he went on to become one of the most recorded (in a day) and celebrated singer of Hindi films. He realized that he could sing when he was forced to do it. He started his career […]

Interview with Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia

There is not much you can write about when the subject is such an overwhelming personality. But the scope is endless if you really want to. The aura of such a personality, such a graceful exponent of such a simple yet divine music instrument, often overtakes on your writing skills. You just want to give […]

Interview with Hans Raj Hans: The singer who did it big!

If you have ever heard Punjabi music, it is well-nigh impossible that you have missed his voice. Yes, we are talking about Hans Raj Hans, who stands tall among Sufi singers but has performed in almost all types of music ranging from folk to pop. He was awarded Padma Shree for his contribution to music […]

Interview with Subhankar Banerjee: A Tabla player of excellent talent

There are thousands of Tabla player that you can admire in India. However, some of them still have their own class. They remain the favorite accompanists of doyens of Indian classical music. Subhankar Banerjee is among one of the elite Tabla players who has performed throughout the world. At a tender age of five, the […]

Interview with Rakesh Chaurasia: A flute player par excellence

He was born to bear the burden of a legend: Being a nephew to Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia demands staunch devotion and stern dedication if you have taken the windy path of blowing the flute. Rakesh has been holding the baton and taking the tradition to wider horizons while still recognizing the unparalleled stature that Pt. […]

Interview with Francesco Lucarelli–an Italian singer and songwriter

Francesco Lucarelli, born and raised in Rome, Italy, is a singer-songwriter who is carefully balanced between the mellow sound of acoustic ballads and the raw side of scorching rockers. Since his debut on the historic stage of Folkstudio in Rome, he began paying his dues and honing his craft by playing both solo live sets […]

Interview with Band Mardi Gras–the Italian flavor

Mardi Gras hails from Rome, they stole their name from the latest Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Mardi gras ” was their last studio effort. Being in love with Ireland and being regular visitors and in touch with the Dublin scene their first demo “The moon ep” was an irish-only release. The Irish magazine “Hot Press” reviewed […]

Rocking with energy–Bluebird and Skoko share their journey

If you ever tapped your feet listening to rock’n’roll, you are at the right place. We interviewed a band that brings different tastes of jazz, blues, rock’n’roll, and country music at one place. Bluebird & Skoko are a buzzing combination of deep Chicago blues and dirty rock’n’roll energy guided by the spirit of Screaming Jay […]

Interview with Miss Kristin–a singing writer

Miss Kristin has a way with words and an emotional sultry voice unique to Miss Kristin alone. Spilling her guts and rocking out in unison come with warmth and sincerity for this compassionate singer/writer/producer. Miss Kristin has been performing for years, and has been known to keep a cool low profile.  At times drenched by […]

Interview with Dorothy Stephenson–a clog dancer

Dorothy grew up branding cattle and riding horses on her family’s ranch in Highland County, Virginia. In 1990, her mother enrolled her in a beginner Clogging class with the Little Switzerland Cloggers. From that day forward, Clogging was Dorothy’s passion, and it has even evolved into her full-time job. Dorothy’s company, Sundance Studios & Productions […]