Interview with Niladri Kumar: Classical Sitarist and creator of Zitar

He was pretty young when he started learning and playing Sitar. His father Pt. Kartikh Kumar was a famed musician who imparted him the knowledge of music from a very young age, which ripened quickly and the whole process became immensely fruitful.

Niladri Kumar went on to perform with the top-most artists of Indian classical scenario and later on turned to fusion music where he says boundaries are crossed and something new is created. To make his contribution, he designed electric Sitar and named it Zitar, which has a different look and sound from the traditional one. Presently, he is one of most striking young player of Indian classical music.

It was around in 1994 when we first saw this young musician perform in the Spirit Of Unity Concert, held in Puttaparti, Andhra Pradesh before Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

He was as lucid in his appearance as his style of playing his music. To sum it up: He looked one with his music. From that day, we had an urge to talk to him and to know more about him. Finally, we got the chance to interview Niladri Kumar.

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