Interview with Pt. Prateek Chaudhuri: A stylish Sitar player

He says that he enjoyed normal childhood though he was loaded with expectations due to born to a legendary father. He enjoyed sports and studies both before he realized that he has to take it on his own shoulders to carry forward the tradition set by his forefathers.

He studied music and took to teaching while continued learning classical Sitar playing from his father, Pt. Debu Chaudhuri (Pt. Devabrata Chaudhuri).

Prateek Chaudhuri

He says that the new generation should be exposed to the effects of classical music by media so that it can develop the taste for it. He also emphasizes that it is not wrong to know other cultures but not at the cost of forgetting on our own.

Pt. Prateek Chaudhuri has kept the tradition going on and he continues to inspire youngsters with his ability to perform various genres of music.

We present a candid telephonic conversation with Pt. Prateek.

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