Interview with Pt. Vijay Ghate: A mesmerizing Tabla Player

He does not have a huge musical lineage from where he could claim to have earned the knack of music. He also was not born in a city where great doyens of Indian classical music were proliferating. He claims that he was just a normal child who happened to have some early-childhood inclination to rhythm.

Inspired by none other than the wizard of Tabla, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pt. Vijay Ghate is one of the most mesmerizing and lively performers of this instrument. You will hardly like to take off your eye from him if you are attending any of his concerts.

Vijay Ghate

With his long locks, he engages you to the beats of his instrument and takes you to a journey beyond elemental bindings. It all appears divine.

He can very quickly improvise and his expressions are matchless. Along with his ability to play Tabla, he is whole-heartedly involved with the accompanying artists as well as the audience. The clarity of sound that he produces from Tabla is one of its kind.

We present a candid telephonic interview with this great exponent of Tabla.

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    1. True, Gurvinder. His performances are really out-of-the-world. This picture I took in World Flute Festival in IHC, Delhi where he was accompanying Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia Ji.

      Always amazing!

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