You can't open it if you are buying a baby names book

Business IdeasI went to the Sadar Bazaar of Gurgaon (Haryana) to buy a book on baby names in Hindi and English. I am not expecting a baby in my home but the book had to do with the online projects that I am developing.

After searching through couple of book-shops, I was advised to check with two particular books that were, perhaps, famous for alternative kind of books–the book-stores that usually do not cater to simple textual books.

It was easy to find the book-store. They had the book also. However, to my utter surprise, the book was taped from all sides so that the buyer could not open it. Almost three four people from the shop—owner and the helpers—very pointedly warned me not to open the book before I buy it. I was bemused.

“How can I buy a book if I don’t get to open it? How am I to determine whether the book contains what I am looking for, or not?”

But they were adamant on this. For a moment, I grew angry as this was frustrating but I was told that it is how the “baby name books” are sold.

After some struggle, I made up my mind to buy the book and came out after I paid the price.

Now, my mind went for a serious expedition.

“Why the hell they do it so?”

Luckily, in a flash it came to my mind. And yes, they were right to do it so. They don’t have any other option.

Why? Consider this.

You are looking to buy a book. You already know what letter you want to pick for the baby’s name. You went to a store and open the book. You saw some cool names given in the book starting with that letter. Now, you don’t need to book, per se, and therefore can simply say that you don’t want to buy the book. The purpose of the seller is crashed.

To avoid this situation, they simply tape the book and you are allowed to open it only after you buy it.

This is a very thought-out idea for a product that contains information which can be picked pretty quickly. Entrepreneurs clearly can take a lesson as how to make their product secured from use till the customers actually buy them.

Can you, in fact, name some products that can be used in a similar nature without bought and paid?

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  1. Hi,
    I have a friend who is very avid reader. he has read the best of books in hard copy, without buying them – all in bookstores. He’ll sit there for few hours, and finish the book in that time,as he’s a very fast reader.
    Though this is not totally relevant to your post, but yes, he didnt buy but still used the product.

    Nimesh Sharma

    1. This is where this post comes in play–they have taped the whole book and you can’t open it. A good trick to stop the un-use of their products.

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