Why Arjuna was favorite of everybody?

I was watching Mahabharata on Youtube when this thought flashed in my mind? Why was Arjuna favorite of everybody? Yes, I mean almost everybody. Let’s see whom am I considering:

1. Lord Krishna
2. Bhishma Pitama
3. Guru Dronacharya
4. Queen Draupadi
5. Karna
6. Shakuni

Now, all these people play the most important roles in the epic. Lord Krishna declared that in Padavas, He was Arjuna. Bhishma Pitama always fondled Arjuna with great love and doted on him. Guru Dronacharya publicly declared that Arjuna was his favorite disciple. Queen Draupadi liked him because it was he who won her in the competition. And what about Karna? His favorite foe was Arjuna because he wanted to prove to the world that he was the greatest bowman. Shakuni also falls in this category–he knew that if he could take out Arjuna, nobody can defeat Duryodhana.

But what was the reason? Leaving aside Karna, we focus on the other four. The main reason was the character of Arjuna. It was so impeccable that Arjuna endeared himself to everybody. His character was so wonderful that he never desisted from punishing himself if he noticed he had committed something wrong. Shakuni often warned him Duryodhana that he can’t defeat the power of Arjuna’s character.

Character has always been the main factor of any person in being recognized universally and undoubtedly, Arjuna had it in plenty.

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