5 Types of people who can't become entrepreneurs

EntrepreneurBeing an entrepreneur is not easy if you have are not born rich and can spare a lot of money for all types of idiosyncrasies that you might like to exercise; if you are not connected to the world in every possible manner (social and professional); if you are old enough and have little zeal to come out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself; if you don’t like to the business of life and business of business.

Being an entrepreneur is also tough for people who keep on saying:

  1. I have a great idea but don’t have money to implement it. Though this is a genuine reason yet an equal number of investors exist, who would like to spend their money on viable and workable ideas. So, if you have a great idea, try to get it presented it before investors. There are various organizations that can help you in this regard.
  2. I have a great idea but I don’t have skills. Though this is a genuine reason, but entrepreneurs can start and work in teams. In fact, team is one of the greatest assets of any venture. If you have a great idea, share it with like-minded people and perhaps somebody amply skillful would like to take it on.
  3. I have a great idea but job is more secure for me. Well, this is a quirky situation because entrepreneurship does involve risk. Suppose you started something and it back-fired? Suppose you started a venture that takes outsourced projects, but due to economic slowdown outsourcing depleted and you lost clients? If you fear this and feel accurately that you won’t be able to survive the scares that entrepreneurship might bring, stay away. Otherwise, entrepreneurship is like living a life—it is full of alarming ding-dongs but many soulful songs.
  4. I have a great idea but want to try it for part-time only. Though this could not be tipped-off as impossible but entrepreneurship is a continuous and regular engagement. Trying to become an entrepreneur part-time means that the results are only in parts and not whole.
  5. I have a great idea but I am married and can’t take the risk. I am sorry. Plainly, no solution. (!)

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  1. Entrepreneurship doesn’t just “involve” risk… an entrepreneur is a specialist of risk. Entrepreneurs are professionals/experts at converting risk into profit/leverage. The risk analyst who maximizes profit takes great risk.

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