Who is the Dada-Dadi of Lord Rama and Krishna

Have you ever wondered what was the name of the Dada and Dadi of Lord Rama and Krishna. I am sure you know the names of their parents but what about the favorite grandparents?

Dada Dadi of Lord Rama and Krishna

The story of Lord Rama’s grandmother, Indumati, is a very unique one. She was an Apsara who was cursed to take birth on earth. Her husband, Aja, was a great king and lover her deeply. In fact, he loved her so much that the whole nature looked beautiful to him because of her. When she had to leave her mortal coil and ascend to the heaven, he could not bear with the loss. This is where you come to know how to cope with the loss of a dear one—an eventuality that everybody has to face in his or her life.

Krishna’s grandfather Sura married Marisha, who later on became the grandmother of Lord Krishna. She bore her husband ten sons and five sisters, out of which, Pritha, was given to Kuntibhoj, and therefore her name was changed to Kunti, who later on became the mother of Pandavas.


Lord Rama
Grandfather Grandmother
Aja Indumati
Lord Krishna
Grandfather Grandmother
Sura Marisha

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