Heralding the era of ultimate speed

I remember sitting in my college fifteen years back and trying to open Google.com, and wasting around an hour before I could run one search query–the scene of internet speed available has changed dramatically in the last few years. We started using the mobile data through GPRS and Edge and then 2G became a hit. But I can’t resist myself transitioning from good-enough 3G data speed to the ultra-fast and almost unbelievable speed of 4G that Airtel is offering. I mean just check these stats! Who would have thought that it would take few seconds to download an app, which is a part of your professional life?

Airtel is the first one to launch 4G The news about 4G launch has been doing rounds for quite some time now, and it was believed that Reliance would be able to give it to their users first, but Airtel has done something that would delight their customers. I have been using Airtel for my mobile since 2003, and I can’t think of a better reward than this for showing the loyalty for the past 12 years. My only hope is that the costs are not skyrocketing so that every loyal Airtel customer could be the first mover when it comes to taking advantage of 4G technology.

Serving my professional needs

As I remember those college days when net speed was awful, I am looking forward to this awesome speed of Airtel 4G that would be in my hands and I would be able to use my mobile for all types of professional needs while traveling as well as when I am at home.

Now that I have this amazing net speed, I think I will need to replace my phone for a better hardware so that it could support the demands of running such a net capability.

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