What Yoga Camps Do for Environment

Though I never attended a Yoga camp where they tell you how to keep your body fit, but I feel that they have certain type of advantage for environment. It is not basically what they are intended for but they certainly do it indirectly.

At the outset, these Yoga camps generally pertain to the basic and first part of Yoga–physical. It is not Yoga (योग) that the participants are trained in but Yoga-Asana (योगासन). However, it is the prerequisite for any type of spiritual activity that one wants to undertake. If the body is not fit, you will find it difficult to engage in any sort of spiritual activity.

Okay, now we look at the side of these camps where environment is concerned.

Because these camps are often held in open spaces and without any electrical equipments that might be providing air or keeping the place cool, these camps certainly save a lot of electrical energy for suppose 1-2 hours. These camps are often attended by thousands of people and if we calculate the electric energy used by them for 1-2 hours, it clearly makes something.

The second point of saving of fuel. Often people visit these camps from outside their towns and cities and they do not use their private vehicles for those days. They usually come through buses, trains or sometimes pool the cars with other attendees. So, basically, they avoid using their private vehicles for those days or at least for certain hours. This is where I think a lot of fuel is saved.

The last thing is the awareness about trees. Lots of people start looking towards ancient ways of India with a respectful eye and they start planting trees wherever they can do. More often than not, they start thinking that ACs and other artificial ways of keeping the environment cool or warm during alternate weather conditions is not suitable for their health and natural processes are better. So, this is again a good contribution towards environment.

Though environment does not come into the 5-10 issues that these Yoga camps are supposed to address but still they indirectly make a good impact on it.

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