What I liked in Fedora

It has been only a few days when I started using Fedora 11. Previous to this, I have used Ubuntu for around 5-6 months and have been using Windows from the time I started using computers. Fedora is not working as easy for me as Ubuntu was but I know this is those initial hiccups that you have to come across while trying something new.

The color scheme of Fedora seems more relaxed than Ubuntu and I think lots of users admit that Fedora is better than Ubuntu but I have not gone into the technicalities yet–so can’t comment on that issue.

However, till now, one thing has caught my eye and I would like to point it out in my initial posts of Fedora. It is the maximize sign of the Mozilla Browser. Instead of a square or a rectangle that is shown in Windows and Ubuntu also, Fedora shows a sign of “+”, which is quite coherent with the sign of “-” that we use for minimizing the browser window.

The "+" sign on the browser window of Mozilla
The "+" sign on the browser window of Mozilla

This positive sign clearly indicates that it will increase the size of the window if the sign of the negative is meant for decreasing it to the minimum. Though it was also understandable from a rectangle that the browser windows would turn out to be wider but with this positive sign, it is aesthetically clear.

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