UID could be called IIN

It comes as a big relief when you hear about a project that will provide a specific number of identification to all people in India. Many big and small countries have these sorts of schemes and we often watch in those hi-tech movies how they fetch all sort of data about a person from the computer. This is gonna be really big.

I am waiting for it!
I am waiting for it!

Nandan Nilekani is going to head this project of UID Authority of India where every Indian will be provided with a unique number. I was thinking before this scheme showed some face that this should have something to do with India. So, I framed this sobriquet for this–IIN. It stands for Indian Identification Number. Just like the IITs and IIMs that are famous around the globe, it is okay we bring another double I-ed abbreviation into use.

भारतीय शनाखत सङ्खया should be the name given to this unique thing that would change the face of social recognition of every Indian. I am really looking forward to having my own. Can’t say how many years we need to wait.

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