What is water called in Sanskrit

Water is the essence of life. Even astronauts who are traveling in the far wide space are curious to find water on another planet because it would mean the feasibility of life.

In Sanskrit, water is revered as life itself. Among forty-seven names of water in Sanskrit that we are providing here, one name is ‘life’ itself.

I have tried to provide the literal meaning of some of them but I would be very happy if you can contribute to more.

For the ease of users who don’t read Devnagiri script, I have provided the Roman transliteration.

Feel free to write us through the comment section for feedback or suggestions.

Sanskrit Transliteration Literal Menaing
जलं Jalaṁ
वारि Vāri
असु Asu
अम्भस् Ambhas
सलिलं Salilaṁ
उदकं Udakaṁ
उदं Udaṁ
पयस् Payas
तोयं Toyaṁ
पानीयं Pānīyaṁ
आपः Āpaḥ
नीरं Nīraṁ
वार् Vār
पाथस् Pāthas
कीलालं Kīlālaṁ
पुष्करं Puṣkaraṁ
अर्णस् Arṇas
पेयं Peyaṁ
सलं Salaṁ
संवरं Saṁvaraṁ
शंवरं Śaṁvaraṁ
क्षीरं Kṣhīraṁ
पायं Pāyaṁ
क्षरं Kṣharaṁ
कमलं Kamalaṁ Lotus
कोमलं Komalaṁ Soft
पीवा Pīvā
अमृतं Amṛtaṁ Nector
जीवनं Jīvanaṁ Life
जीवनीयं Jīvanīyaṁ
भुवनं Bhuvanaṁ World, earth
वनं Vanaṁ
कबन्धं Kabandhaṁ Barrel
कं Kaṁ
अन्धं Andhaṁ
सर्वतोमुखं Sarvatomukhaṁ Facing every direction
मेघपुष्पं Meghapuṣpaṁ Flower of clouds
घनरसः Ghanarasaḥ Thick juice, decoction
वह्निमारकं Vahnimārakaṁ Destroyer of fire
दहनारातिः Dahanārātiḥ Fire-enemy
नीचगं Nīcagaṁ
कुलीनसं Kulīnasaṁ
कृत्स्नं Kṛtsnaṁ
कृपीटं Kṛpīṭaṁ
पावनं Pāvanaṁ The purifier–a name given to fire too
शरलकं Śaralakaṁ
तृषाहं Tṛṣāhaṁ Thirst destroying

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