How to say I miss you in Telugu

I miss you in Telugu

Language is the most potent medium to reach out others with our love. By telling someone ‘I miss you’, we indicate them that we value their presence. The expressions might be different, but the underlying feeling is same.

Let us see how to say I miss you in Telugu in a few ways.

ExpressionTranslation in TeluguTransliteration
I really feel badly without youమీరు లేకుండా నేను చాల బాధ పడుతున్నానుMīru lēkuṇḍā nēnu cāla bādha paḍutunnānu
I am waiting to meet youనిన్ను చూసేదానికి కాచుకున్నానుNinnu cūsēdāniki kācukunnānu
I just can’t miss you anymoreనువ్వు లేక తట్టుకోలేనుNuvvu lēka taṭṭukōlēnu


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