What is innovation called in Sanskrit

While learning how to say innovation in Sanskrit, we must take care of the context in which this word is being used. It can be the act of innovation through which a new idea, concept, or a way is found and executed, and thus, a new trend or path is carved or a change is brought. The other meaning could be the actual change that is brought–which would mean a new path, a new trend, a new thought etc.

We have provided the meaning of both these contexts with transliteration in International Standard for people who don’t understand Devnagiri script.

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Below is the meaning of innovation in Sanskrit as the act:

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Innovation नवव्यवहारस्थापनं Navavyavahārasthāpanaṁ
Innovation नूतनरीतिसंस्थापनं Nūtanarītisaṁsthāpanaṁ
Innovation व्यवहारान्तरकल्पनं Vyavahārakalpanaṁ
Innovation नवीनाचारसंस्थपानं Navīnācārasaṁsthāpanaṁ
Innovation नूतनसम्प्रदायकल्पनं Nūtansampradāyakalpanaṁ
Innovation देशाचारपरिवर्त्तनं Deśācāraparivarttanaṁ
Innovation कुलाचारपरिवर्त्तनं Kulācāraparivarttanaṁ
Innovation नूतनकर्म्मप्रवर्त्तनं Nūtankarmmapravarttanaṁ
Innovation नवीकरणं Navīkaraṇaṁ

Below is the meaning of innovation in Sanskrit as the change which is made through the innovation as an act:

English Sanskrit Transliteration
Innovation नूतनरीतिः Nūtanarītiḥ
Innovation नवरीतिः Navarītiḥ
Innovation नवीनव्यवहारः NavīnaVyavahāra
Innovation व्यवहारान्तरं Vyavahārāntaraṁ
Innovation रीत्पन्तरं Rītpataraṁ
Innovation नवाचारः Navācāraḥ
Innovation नवाचरितं Navācaritaṁ
Innovation नवचरितं Navacaritaṁ
Innovation नवमार्गः Navamārgaḥ
Innovation नवधारा Navadhārā

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