Visiting Rose Garden, Chandigarh

Yesterday, on February 24, 2010, I visited Zakir Rose Garden in Chandiarh–Asia’s largest Rose garden. The garden sprawls over 42.07 acre of land and houses large varities of roses, some of which are considered very rare. The garden was built in 1967 under the guidance of first Chief Commissioner of Chandigarh, Dr. M S Randhawa and is named after India’s President, Dr. Zakir Hussain.

Best time to visit this garden is believed to be during Feb-March but locals and visitors throng this place throughout the year. Though I have studied, lived and worked in/around Chandigarh for long but I never visited this garden. Once when two of my friends and I visited this garden, we were parking our car and the window-pane of our car slided down and we could not go inside. That made a separate story so I won’t go into that.

I am not sure when I visited this garden exactly but it should be around 22 years since I visited it. So, there was almost nothing that I remembered in it. Actually we had planned to go to Rose Festival that is an annual event in this place but we got wrong information from the Internet about dates and reached early. The festival was to begin in another 2 days. But anyways, being around roses is always pleasurable.

I happened to click some photographs of roses and am sharing it here. Hope you would like it.

Rose Garden
Zakir Rose Garden, Chandigarh

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