Entrepreneur ideas around garden equipments

While you think of a garden, lawn or field, what you would focus your imagination on? Its beautiful plants, grass or scenic beauty that the flowers might have created, right? But being an entrepreneur or looking to start a business around gardens, what will pop up in your mind?

a lawnmower
A Lawnmover in Zakir Rose Garden, Chandigarh

Yes, we are talking about machines, equipments and tools that are used for maintenance of such places. While thinking about these equipments, lawnmowers, trolleys, sprinklers, watering equipments, tillers, cutters, shearing tools, paring tools, and others.

water sprinkler
A water sprinkler in Old Fort, Delhi

Playgrounds, fields, lawns, gardens, parks, and recreational parks need these types of equipments and there is always a good demand for supply of reliable tools and equipments. I recently visited Rose Garden in Chandigarh and noticed a very small tractor used for transporting cut grass using a trailer. Such machines are required if the area cover under the garden or lawn is quite big as is the case for Rose Garden.

Small tractor with trailer
A small tractor with trailer used to carry cut grass in Rose Garden, Chandigarh

Being an entrepreneur, do you think garden equipment business as a good opportunitiy? What innovation can bring some changes in these tools? Are you interested in starting a business in this field?

Share your thoughts and feelings and any type of inputs that you would like to provide.

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