Visiting Kanchipuram (Kancheepuram)–The City of Temples

The visit to Kanchipuram (Kancheepuram) was long pending. I had to visit one of my friends who runs a school in a village close-by. By sheer enormity and circumstance flexion, I was able to book a flight to Chennai on 7th of April, 2011. I was flying with my wife and stayed at the school–Prashanti Gurukulam–in Asoor Village.


Obviously, we chose a wrong time–wrong weather I should say. It was scorching hot there and my wife was finding it difficult to handle the heat but it was okay for me. However, she did not complain too much about it.


The ride to Asoor Village (we had to detour from Wajalabad) was a good one as we hired a taxi from the airport itself. In two hours, we were comfortably placed at the school’s quarters, which is situated around 20 Km from Kanchipuram.


The next day, my friend, the principal of the school, asked one of his teachers to drive us to Kanchipuram and visit the temples there. They had a 3-wheeler and we liked this unique kind of ride while visiting various temples.


We visited these temples in one day:

1. Kamakshi Amman Temple

2. Ekambaranathar Temple

3. Kacchapaeswarar Temple

4. Kailasanathar Temple

5. Subramaniya Swami Temple

Among all of these, I enjoyed Kailasanathar Temple to be the best one because it offer tremendous archeological delight. It is a protected monument by Archeological Survey of India. Apart from marveling it as a temple, you will also not fail to notice its historical beauty.


Within two hours, we were able to visit these five temples as they are situated close-by.

The city of Kanchipuram appeared to be a nice one as there was not much rush or hurry among the citizens. In the temples, people came from varied interests ranging from spiritual feelings, visitors’ interest and some historical cravings also.


Most of the temples are closed after 12:00 noon and are opened at 4:00 PM. It is better if you plan your visits accordingly.

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