5 Things entrepreneurs should do to avoid burn by a rogue techie

5 things entrepreneurs should take care aboutEntrepreneurs or web-entrepreneurs who like to outsource their projects or get people from outside their team to work on their online projects should take care of certain things. If the agreement of work is not fulfilled, entrepreneurs can be duped by rogue techies.

Being a freelancer for quite a long-time (more than 7 years now), I know the feeling that sprouts between two parties when the job is not done completely. The reasons could be many as well as the reactions. Sometimes, the buyers are very cordial and they like to go off and similar could be the case of freelancers. However, sometimes, burnt people land in your kitty. Freelancers try to rob you off from your work and intend to cause harm.

You should take care of certain scenarios that can appear in the future.

1. Always register your domain name in your own account. Make yourself the administrator.

2. Make sure you are the administrator of your hosting account also. Both the domain name and hosting should be in your name and not the freelancer’s.

3. Avoid sharing details of your other accounts and if you have to by all means, make it restrictive or limited.

4. Do not keep the same passwords of multiple accounts and especially your bank accounts. This is extremely dangerous in case of a techie who is cool with hacking etc. Many entrepreneurs, like others, don’t like keeping track of their different passwords and end up having a similar password. Extremely dangerous!

5. In case of a disagreement or fall-out, remove all the access as soon as possible. This should be marked as the first activity that you need to do after you feel that the agreement would be terminated.


The article is inspired by a post from vWorker.com where I work as a freelancer.

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