Unusual facts about car care

Car owner’s manuals do contain all that you need to know about a car. However, there are a lot of things that can’t be listed out in detail in a small handbook. Most interestingly, there are some unusual sounds and smells that you might come across inside your car. They might be an indication of some common maintenance problems. I thought putting down some of it might be useful to you in caring for your car.

Musty odours inside the car indicate that some water has got trapped inside the carpet or some other part. Letting water stay on the car parts or under the carpet for too long will lead to rusting and corrosion. This smell is an indication that you need to dry up the carpet and the floor.

There are many types of smoky smells. If you come across electrical smoky smell, do not view it lightly. Immediately turn off the car, open the bonnet and disconnect the batteries before you seek professional assistance of a service provider. There might be other smoky smells caused when heat or sound proof lining provided inside the car engine space happens to burn.

You may come across fuel smells if there is a choking in the fuel tank venting or if there is an overflow. Oil smells in the engine might suggest that there is too much of oil or the oil is overheated or the oil has turned old and needs to be replaced.

A type of sweating smell is let out inside your car when your varnish is being burnt in the event of the failure of the alternator or the dynamo. This will be accompanied by flickering of the lights.

Overheated tyres and driving with the brakes on might let out burning rubber smells.

Strange smells are a way that your car can warn you of some upcoming problems. If you trace the causes immediately and attend to the corresponding repairs, you can save more of your time and money at a later stage.

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