Windshield facts for car owners

Every car user will accept that the windshield is a very important component of the car as it keeps away weather extremes, winds, rains, dust, road debris and flies out of the faces of passengers. Car owners must understand a very important fact that the way they look at the car is not the same as an automotive engineer will do. While the car owners develop anguish over leaks, cracks and dings affecting the car’s look, engineers understand how these damages can affect the structural strenght of the car and the safety of passengers. In this perspective, there are five vital functions of windshields, which you need to know and care for.

Visibility is the most important function of the windshield. Ensure that the windshield of your car is not pitted, scratched, fractured and is free of dings so that your vision is not affected.

In some modern makes, the windshield supports the passenger side airbag as they are deployed. Improper replacement of the windshield in such cases might cause the windshields to get detached from the car easily during acidents. As a result, the airbags might not be deployed.

Windshields are made of two layers of glass stuck around a layer of polyvinyl material. In case of hard impacts, the glass might break, but the flexible polyvinyl material cushions the impact. This is the reason why the windshields are made of glass and not of plastic that is rigid.

The windshield keeps the driver and passengers safe inside the car compartment withoud getting ejected out from the vehicle, where the danger of being crushed under the vehicle is more.

The windshield is strong enough to support the structure of the car from collapsing. Even during the car’s rollovers, the windshield prevents the roof from collapsing.

The best practice for car owners is to let the windshield perform all these functions by keeping it in good condition. One of the best ways of letting the windshield stay in good condition is this. Always make it your priority to save the original windshield installed by the factory. In case it needs replacement, consult a competent service provider.

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