Tips to safeguard your car during rains

It is not that difficult to safeguard a car that has a covered parking facility. If you do not have one such arrangement for your car, it is good to follow a few tips to protect your car from rains, which is the most challenging weather for a car.

Under varying weather conditions of sunny mornings and downpours in the afternoons, make it a point to wash your car often. Expensive cars need to be maintained properly to get the most value out of your hard earned money and any good effort towards this is worth sparing. Some people neglect the cleaning aspect telling that it is once again going to get dirt after washing. Car owners need to note that cleaning often helps you avoid dirt, residues and contaminants permeating into the paint requiring expensive restoration tasks.

Always make use of a good car shampoo to wash your car. Washing cars often without a proper lubricant will leave the exteriors with scratches. Protecting car exteriors with wax or sealant will lengthen the life of car paints. As long as you have some stuff to do this job, it is not a question whether you use an expensive or cheap one. However, polymers and acrylics are durable and can withstand longer.

Care more for the flat surfaces and keep them dried since water can easily get pooled up there. At the same time flat surfaces also imbibe more heat under direct sunshine leading to quick water evaporation. This will cause water spots and acid marks. This means that you need to wax the flat surfaces more frequently than the other areas if you look forward to surface protection.

After every car wash, leave the windows and doors opened up for sometime letting the maximum water to evaporate as early as possible. Cleaning the wheels often is essential since letting the brake dust added with water and not cleaning it for days will lead to corrosion of wheels.

I hope these little tips will let you show your car that you care for it. The result is letting your shiny car run for you for years with fewer problems.

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