How to replace the car windshield

If you are driving your car with a cracked windshield, you are not only risking the safety of your journey, but also into doing that is not legal. Cracked windshield might allow the flies from outside to straight bombard into the faces of the passengers. Through cracked windshields, moisture might fog up the windows. Cracks in the windshields will also obstruct the driver’s clear view of the road. These days, almost all the car windshields are made of catalized adhesives that will automatically form a chemical bond. This method will minimise the shattering of the glass. If you are looking forward to replace the windshield yourself, there are few words of instructions that I might pass on to you.

Visit a good auto-glass store and buy the right windshield meant for your car. Before starting the replacement process, first remove all the accessories that are near the windshield including wipers, rearview mirror, etc. Cover the vents of heater, airconditioners and defrosters with plastic or papers. Wear protective gloves on your hands so that you do not get your fingers and palms cut by broken glass.

Thoroughly check the rubber gasket found around the window for any damage. Don’t hesitate to replace it if it is cracked or damaged. The safety of the windshield solely depends on the condition of the gasket and a loose gasket will make your car windshield prone to vibrations and consequent damages. Sometimes, the gasket may be intact without a slit. In such case, you can insert a sharp knife and make a slit in one corner. Then slide a thin screw driver into the slit without damaging it and run it around the frame to separate the gasket and the windshield.

Gently push out the glass from the frame. Take the help of one or two more people along with you since windshields are usually quite heavy and might shatter while removing. Before fixing the new windshield, wipe the frame nicely to remove dirt and rust. You can apply some petroleum jelly or a sealant to the edges of the gasket to ensure the smooth sliding of the windshield into it. Once you have firmly slide the gas into the gasket, press it firmly over the frame and fix it. Wipe of the excess lubricant.

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