Types of verb roots of Sanskrit in Past tense

We have studied the types of verb roots in Sanskrit in present tense form. Here are the examples of verb roots used in past tense in both Parasmaipadi and Atmanepadi forms.

परस्मैपदी (भूतकालः)
3rd personअपठत्अपठताम्अपठन्
2nd personअपठःअपठतम्अपठत
1st personअपठम्अपठावअपठाम
आत्मनेपदी (भूतकालः)
3rd personअवन्दतअवन्देताम्अवन्दन्त
2nd personअवन्दथाःअवन्देथाम्अवन्दध्वम्
1st personअवन्देअवन्दावहिअवन्दामहि

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