Telugu Names of Fruits

List of Telugu names of fruits from English

When learning Telugu names of fruits from English, it is better to understand the script that is used in Telugu.

Please also note that some of the fruits that have become popular in India nowadays are not originally from India, and therefore, don’t have a Telugu name as such but can be simply transliterated in Telugu language.

Here is a list of Telugu names of fruits form English. If you would like to know the Telugu name of any other fruit, you can contact us through comment section of this post.

We will love to hear from you if you would like to provide you feedback in making these tutorials more interesting or better.

At the same time, if you would like to suggest any other name of Telugu fruits, you are more than welcome.

Guava జామపండు
Apple నేరేడుపండు
Mango మామిడిపండు
Grapes ద్రాక్ష
Orange కమలాపండు
Pomegranate దానిమ్మపండు
Jack Fruit పనసపండు

193 thoughts on “Telugu Names of Fruits”

  1. @munjukaya munja kaya apears to be thati kaya,called thad tree in Hindi a palm tree which available everywhere in the coastal districts. because inside the thati kaya there are are three delicious soft seeds which are called ” munjalu ” or ‘thati Munjalu ‘ in Nellore District

  2. @supriya Dear Supriya I may be able tohelp you if you could kindly tell me in what context or in which district of A.P. you have come across this word.Please forgive me for the fllowing explanation – battakaya apears to be same or similar to the word- vattakaya- the Telugu name for the Testicle.

    1. Yesu Dass. Prathipati.

      In Telugu it is ‘Batthayi’. In flow it is pronounced ‘Battha’, and ‘yi’ is silent.

      It is a variety from the Family of Orange.

  3. or may be battakaya or baththayi kaya are same. Both are equal? and both means Sweet Lime??? Not Orange?

  4. @sandya
    My previous answer for regi kaya is the answer of sandhya in the year i think lol. But Answer is:
    Regi kaya or Regupandu is “JUJUBE” OR “CHINESE APPLE” OR “CHINESE DATE”. I wanted to answer this immediately after bairoes answer Lol. But i forgot to answer that and tried to answer other interesting questions lol.

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