5 features of Ubuntu you would like

What there that you would like in Ubuntu

There are lots of dissimilarities in Ubuntu and Microsoft WIndows: many of them are disadvantageous while using Ubuntu but still there are many features that you will like in Ubuntu. Here are what I found interesting in Ubuntu:

1. When you boot the system, it will give you many options to start. One of them is starting the session in which you closed your system. Apart from that, you also have the option to choose your language in which you want to operate the system.

2. Suppose you have a folder of music files. You don’t need to play every file to know which one you would like. You can just hover your mouse pointer over the file and it will start playing. When you move the pointer away, it will stop playing. It does not do it with video files.

3. You can lock your screen and nobody will be able to use your system if he/she does not know the login password of your system.

4. Ubuntu offers the facility of remote desktop viewing by default. This is one great feature if you are a team member and you can share your screens with your team members whenever necessary. Major hardware companies provide their technical support using this facility.

5. You won’t have to scan pen-drives, memory cars when you use them through Ubuntu–there is no fear of your system getting corrupted or get viruses because it does not work in Linux.

4 thoughts on “5 features of Ubuntu you would like”

  1. boot up windows (xp or newer), log on, wait, press windowskey + L and be flabbergasted. (this refers to #3 on your list)

  2. in the pre-xp windowses it is ctrl+alt+L i think, but i'm not sure about this. in 2k ctrl+alt+del and then space works also fine.

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