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How Pandavas died in Mahabharata?

Mahabharata is a treatise on Dharmic values. It teaches people how to live life in a way demonstrating the ideals of humanity. The final journey of Pandavas is an interesting episode in The Mahabharata that highlights some ennobling life principles depicted by the different characters we come across. Following the departure of Sri Krishna’s physical […]

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Why Draupadi had five husbands?

The Pandavas, the valiant and the virtuous princes were deceived by the Kauravas their cousins in a game of dice. As per the dictates of the Kauravas in response to their defeat, they had to lose all their kingdom and leave to the forest in exile. The five brothers were highly noble and were attached

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Draupadi and Karna Love

I might be totally wrong because we can’t comment on Itihaas or Mithihaas with authority, but I will like to take a general take on this topic: Draupadi and Karna Love Due to some books and novels written by some contemporary writers, a lot of youngsters have come to believe that there was certain type

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