Divine Protection Is The Best Shield That Can Save Us

A number of instances in The Mahabharata show the contempt that the Kauravas had towards the Pandavas. Motivated by their jealousy, the Kauravas were always looking for a chance to bring down the Pandavas, causing misery and troubles to them in all possible ways. During most such times, Sri Krishna was there to tactfully intervene in the scene and save His friends. An interesting episode happened when the Pandavas were in their exile in the forest. Once Sage Durvasa visited Duryodhana’s palace. In all his avarice to grab the blessings of the renowned sage, Duryodhana extended a lavish hospitality by feeding the Sage and his group with a gorgeous meal. The sage was so pleased and he heaped some attractive boons on Duryodhana. Instead of enjoying the blessings, Duryodhana was bent upon seeking a chance to pile up more miseries on the Pandavas. He started drafting a plan to achieve his evil intention through the sage.

In the forest, the Pandavas were blessed with a magical vessel called ‘Akshaya Patra’ that would give them all kinds of delicious food stuffs in any quantity they would prefer upon just wishing in front of it. Thus, they were not having troubles to eat. But, at the end of the day, the vessel would be washed and kept aside after which it no more would give out anything until the next morning. Dhuryodan knew this very well. He wanted to create a scene to provoke the anger of the sage towards the Pandavas and let him curse them out of disappointment. He induced the sage telling that the Pandavas were enjoying delicious meals in the forest with the help of the Akshaya Patra and it would be a rare chance to be fed from the vessel. The right time to visit them would be the end of the day.” Duryodhana thought when the sage would visit them they would have washed the vessel for the day and therefore they would not be able to feed him with anything. As a consequence, the sage would be moved to curse them out of disappointment.

The sage indeed accepted the words of Duryodhana and visited the Pandavas late in the evening after dusk. Draupadi, the consort of the Pandavas had fed all of them with the food given out by the vessel and had washed out the vessel neat and clean. When the sage asked to be fed from the vessel, they were all shocked and trembled at the possible consequences since they knew they were helpless at that time. However, fearing that the sage might curse them, they managed to tell him that he and his group can have a dip in the holy rivers and by then the food can be got ready. The sage left for a holy dip with his party.

In utter helplessness and in a trembling state, the Pandavas called out Sri Krishna. The merciful Lord was there at once. He smiled having understood the tough situation they were facing. He asked Draupadi to bring the vessel and she complied with the divine command. Sri Krishna held it in His hands, took out a tiny slice of a green leaf sticking on to the vessel even after the wash and dropped it into his mouth. They were all surprised as to how the leaf had managed to stick on to the vessel even after the wash. Once the Lord swallowed the leaf, miraculously the hungers of the sage and his party got satiated and they felt like belching out of overeating. Fearing over the fact that they can’t eat anything more, they all left from the river never to return. The ways of the Lord to save His devotees are mysterious.

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