Draupadi and Karna Love

I might be totally wrong because we can’t comment on Itihaas or Mithihaas with authority, but I will like to take a general take on this topic: Draupadi and Karna Love

Due to some books and novels written by some contemporary writers, a lot of youngsters have come to believe that there was certain type of hidden mystery. This mystery being related to Karna and more so because he was denied to participate in the Swayamvara of Draupadi, people are interested and insanely curious to know whether there was any chance that Draupadi loved Karna, or at least had a feeling for him in her heart.

Well, I am not sure whether she had or not. I am also not sure whether Karna had a feeling or not. I am also not sure whether anybody has a clue on this topic. But I am sure that this is not the reason why Mahabharat or for that matter any great epic of the past was written.

Mahabharata, being the biggest and voluminous book of the world, surely would have deeper and more significant message to convey than simply talking or focusing on a skeptical or doubtful love affair, which never got any mention anywhere.

I am more concerned to know the virtues, the character and the values that Draupadi had. Without doubt, Draupadi had a sterling character because Lord Krishna considered her as a dear friend, and also worthy of special grace which saved her from infamy during the incident of Draupadi Vastraharan.

I am more concerned about how she underwent all the troubles and problems of her life; how she managed to live a meager life when actually she was a princess and queen; how she never wavered from her Dharma and always supported her husbands.

Draupadi in Mahabharat, without doubt, is the most intriguing character that you notice, observe and learn from. She is not a subject of wasteful speculations and slanderous fantasies, but a subject which could inspire awe and perseverance in anybody who invests his time in understanding her life a bit attentively.

I have admired her spirit, her indomitable will to continue on the path of Dharma and her unflinching devotion to her husbands and Lord Krishna as God.

I hope you will agree with me that these are more important than whether there existed a remote possibility that she had some unexpressed feelings for Karna. No?

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