Draupadi in Mahabharat: A subject of eternal curiosity and maligning

I am sure you have heard about this characters name from the biggest epic of the word, Mahabharat. Yes, we are talking about the towering figure of Draupadi, who often is blamed as being the main reason behind the bloodshed that conspired in the what is considered to be the first world war of the world. Whether she was the reason or not, that’s altogether a different story, but the name of Draupadi, since ages, have not stopped generating curiosity among the masses.

For different reasons, she is in sort of news.

  • Did Draupadi love Karna?
  • What was the relationship between Krishna and Draupadi?
  • What’s the real meaning of her name: Paanchali?
  • Why she was married to five men instead of one?

Well, we might be touching all these issues in our different conversations, but here I want to give you a modern view of the image that Draupadi has among the masses.

I have relied on Google’s Keyword Planner to do some research into this topic. Let me share with you some searches (exact) that people online put in Google’s search engine. The main keyword is Draupadi.

KeywordAvg. Monthly Searches (exact match only)
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Just notice the type of topics people search. Draupadi and Karna seems to be very popular though Arjuna and Draupadi is low on search volume.

Why is it so?

Nobody is curious to know about the qualities or virtues of Draupadi that made her the dearest friend (Sakhi) of Lord Krishna, but they want to know whether she had a secret feeling for Karna or anybody else (Krishna!).

I am just surprised to know how the thought process of masses can malign the image of a woman who stood as the torch-bearer of qualities, virtues, and values.

Come on people, it’s time we give Draupadi the respect she deserve, and not fan the fantasies that Draupadi and Karna had an affair!

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