Some Useful Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

Continuing with our series of providing useful Sanskrit words and sentences that the learners of Sanskrit language could use to further their understanding of the language.

We are providing the English meanings also, but please be warned that these may not be the literal or exact translations because due to the literal meanings of the sentences, the translations are more contextual.

Useful Sanskrit Sentences with English Meanings

  1. शौर्यभावेन परिणमतु परितापः।। (Turn the pain into power.)
  2. व्याकुलितश्चेत् भूते।। उद्विग्नश्चेत् भव्ये।। प्रसन्नश्चेत् वर्त्तेमाने च जीवसि।। (If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are living at peace, you are living in the present.)
  3. जीवनखेलायां कर्हिचित् जनाः अस्मान् पादकुन्दकं मन्वानाः पादेन प्रहरन्ति।। परं न जानन्ति यत्ते स्वयम् अस्मान् लक्ष्यं प्रापयन्ति।। (In the game of life, sometimes people kick us as if we are a football. But they don’t know that they are sending us near to goal.)
  4. सकारात्मकचिन्तनं कुरु।। (Think positive.)
  5. सन्तः प्रशंसानिरपेक्षिणः।। हि सहजसुमानि कृत्रिमसुगन्धानपेक्षीणि।। (Truthful people are never dependent on praise because real flowers never need the scent.)
  6. मधुवचनाद्वरं स्पष्टनिराकरणम्।। (A clear rejection is better than a fake promise.)
  7. भव उडुगणे दत्तदृष्टिः भुवि निक्षिप्तपादश्च।। (Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.)
  8. जीवनपुष्पमनुरागमकरन्दभरितम्।। (Life is the flower for which love is the honey.)

(All translations are provided by Varalakshmi Kandregula)

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